Every Body Jewelry Catalog

Every Body Jewelry is an online wholesale body jewelry company that imports and distributes product throughout the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia. The company had virtually doubled their inventory offerings and needed an updated catalog to distribute to their vendors. The final product needed to be clean and stylish with a touch of grunge to appeal to the variety of businesses from casual jewelry re-sellers to piercers and tattoo shops. I served as the lead designer and art director for this project. Cover artwork designed by assistant designer. I went through almost 2000 images and optimized them for print (they were originally created for the web exclusively), created the style guidelines and templates, managed production, and interacted with international printers. I designed each and every page, section headers, selected stock imagery, and also provided a great deal of the product photography included. This was my baby. Pricelist was clean and neat to match the design. This was designed as a separate piece so that clients could keep wholesale prices separate.

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