Students Weigh In is a 3-part project that reflects YouthTruth's mission: listening and learning from the lived experiences of youth during this unusual era of schooling. The final chapter launched on August 13, 2022, and elevated the voices of hundreds of thousands of students with an aggregate data report, an interactive microsite, animated videos of qualitative composite narratives from more than 480,000 open-ended sentiments, and a national webinar attended by 100s of school administrators, teachers researchers, and nonprofit partners. 
I had the pleasure of working on this project's final major release, including the creative direction and design of the report, microsite, infographics, presentation deck, social media assets, and digital strategy and implementation. I also created custom illustrations to complement animated videos produced by Scope and Sequence.
Explore the microsite and full report here.
The Students Weigh In, Part 3 microsite was built with Visual Composer for WordPress.​​​​​​​
Two smaller follow-up reports were released during my tenure at YouthTruth, including Spotlight on Belonging & Peer Collaboration (October 2021) and In Students' Own Words (January 2022). As a design consultant, I helped launch Planning for the Future in Uncertain Times (May 2022).

While many organizations are taking insights and data to improve education, YouthTruth is unique in that they are student and stakeholder first. Who better to ask how things are going than the students living the experience themselves? 

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