Digital Animation & Rotoscoping
Frame by frame hand-drawn animation (via digital tablet). Approximately 96 individual drawings. Features a traditional "Tinku" style dance you might see at Carnaval. 
Original source video

2.5 Parallax Animation
Adding motion and a sense of depth to static images.
Featuring Diablada Traditional Dancer and Cholita Wrestlers ​​​​​​​
Original 1, Original 2
Adding motion to a static image, looping as a gif or video.
Featuring Salar de Uyuni (ripples) and a scene at the Witches Market in La Paz (lanterns).
Original 1, Original 2 
Object and Typography
My first foray into After Effects, combining images, text, and motion. A 10-second loop featuring different tourist destinations and logo transition.
Inspiration post

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